Settings Customization

This section provides information about customization settings for SpE.

How to customize SpE settings?
How to check SpE settings?

How to customize SpE settings

Before you start your first DMU Space Engineering session, you need to customize various parameters. These settings will stored in permanent setting files and will not be lost if you end your session.

To access them, select the Tools > Options command.

You not only need to customize specific SPE settings but also other relevant settings located in various tabs of
Tools > Options...
dialog box.

Read the described customization step-by-step procedure in Customizing section.

Refer to Customizing

How to check SpE settings?

  • Launch SPE product
  • Check the SpE CATIA parameters are correctly set in Tools > Options...
Make sure clash settings are identical on both server and client sides. This also applies to the rule-based clash defined as the client and servers must point to the same rule-based clash.

Make sure the 3D Accuracy setting located in  Performances tab page of General > Display category is correctly set