Launching DMU Space Engineering Assistant Server

This task shows you how to start DMU Space Engineering Assistant.
Prior to launching, Space Engineering Assistant, please read carefully Step 6: Checking Network Communications
Apache server side (Administrator)
  • launches Apache HTTP Server as a service ( automatic mode) or in manual mode 

Note: you can choose to install Apache as a service (during Apache Installation), very useful if you do not want to launch it manually at each logon

Spatial Index Server side (Administrator)
  • Launches Spatial Index shell (runSpaceIndexServer.bat) located in C:\Program Files\Dassault Systemes\B17\intel_a\code\command (default installation path)

Client side (User)
  • launches a CATIA V5R16session

  • launches an ENOVIA LCA session

  • connects to ENOVIA using the LCA Interoperability toolbar (to display this dedicated toolbar, click Toolbars > ENOVIA LCA from the View menu).

  • Sends data from ENOVIA to CATIA V5 using the Send to... command

  • In CATIA V5 session, click Connect/Disconnect from the Spy toolbar:

The icon changes into this:

DMU Space Engineering Assistant is ready to work.

  • You can also select the automatic connection beforehand (Tools > Options > Digital Mockup > DMU Space Engineering)

 Several verifications are performed, during the connection operation such as:

  • Is Apache server running?

  • Is the PRC sent to CATIA indexed?

  • Is the Spatial Index Server for the PRC running?

DMU Space Engineering Assistant will be ready to work if all the conditions are fulfilled. 

Also take a look at: Step 6: Checking Network Communications