Setting Up Your Session

  The following task shows you how to prepare your session before launching an interference analysis with Space Engineering Assistant. You will learn how to:
Have a CATIA and an ENOVIA as well as a Space Engineering sessions running.
We assume in this User's guide that you performed all preliminary installation steps. Read DMU Space Engineering Installation Guide.

How to display the ENOVIA LCA interoperability toolbar?

  1. In CATIA V5, select:

    The ENOVIA LCA toolbar looks like this:

How to check ENOVIA LCA and DMU Space Engineering Assistant (Spy) toolbars display?

  1. Select View > Toolbars from the menu bar. Then, make sure Spy and ENOVIA LCA items are selected

How to establish the DMU Space Engineering Assistant/ENOVIA LCA connection?

  1. In CATIA V5 (you are in the Product Structure workbench), click Connect to LCA to establish a connection between CATIA V5 and ENOVIA LCA.

    The Enovia toolbar looks like this now:

How to customize DMU Space Engineering Assistant Settings?

  1. In CATIA V5, select Tools->Options->Digital Mock-up from the menu bar and select DMU Space Engineering

    The DMU Space Engineering tab lets you customize the following:
  2. Select Digital Mockup->DMU Space Analysis category, to access another option necessary for DMU Space Engineering Assistant

      For more information, read Customizing section

How to send an ENOVIA LCA document into CATIA V5?

  1. Load your Product Class Root (referred to as PRC throughout this guide) from ENOVIA in CATIA V5, using the Send To > CATIA V5 commands accessible from the contextual menu (all you need to is right-click the desired PRC in the Product Class Editor).

    To create a PRC, refer to the appropriate ENOVIA LCA documentation (Engineering LifeCycle User's guide)

How to initialize connection to DMU Space Engineering Assistant?

  1. In CATIA V5, click Connect/Disconnect   from the DMU Space Engineering toolbar:

    The icon becomes active , the connection is established for the product loaded in your CATIA session.
    You are now ready to work with DMU Space Engineering Assistant and perform operations such as:
    • Modifying existing parts or,
    • Creating new parts.
    Each time, you need to run an interference analysis, click to force the calculation: each and every part modified since last computation is sent to DMU Space Engineering server. An hourglass appears on the icon when the calculation is launched