What's New?

New Functionality

A design validation tool has been added. This allows you to check for specific errors in your design.
The Copy/Paste function, together with the Translate function, lets you copy and paste elements in the same design document. You can also copy from one work package and paste into another.
The Measure command lets you measure distance between elements or along runs in your design.
You can adjust your layout by shifting parts in it, or by changing the angle of certain parts.
You can route parallel to an existing flexible, thereby creating a 'bundle'. You can create a bundle with a new route, or with existing routes. You can also add a flexible to an existing bundle, and modify a bundle.
You can create cableway networks and use them with the Electrical Cableway Routing workbench. You can display and modify cableway network attributes defined in a raceway run, and create Raceway and Conduit networks that support the Electrical Cable Database.

Enhanced Functionality

The Penetration Management function has been moved to the DMU Space Analysis workbench. Although the function is available for you to use in this application, you must have a DMU Space Analysis license to be able to do so. Also, for documentation you need to refer to the DMU Space Analysis User's Guide.