import Keyword


Specifies a document file (.CATPart or .CATProduct) containing definitions to be reused or redefined  in the document to be generated. All the features and feature values in the imported file become available to the document to be generated.

Importing a document is:

  • Of interest whenever you want to retrieve a consistent set of definitions from an already existing document.
  • Required whenever you need to create a feature from a sketch (the script language prevents you from specifying a sketch).


import File Name ;

where File Name is the name of the file which contains the document to be imported.
You must enclose the document name within quotation marks and end the import statement with a semicolon (;).

To specify a file to be imported, you can:
  • Use the 'Insert File Path' command from the contextual menu. Selecting this command displays a file selection window. Quotation marks are automatically included but not the semicolon or
  • Use the Input keyword. A dialog box is displayed when the document is generated. You have to enter the input data required one-by-one to execute the script. For more information, see Input and In Keywords.


The following statement 
import Input : FilePath "Name of the document to be imported";
displays the dialog box below when the script is executed:

Clicking Select displays a file selection window. You have to click Apply to make OK active.