Time-Based Replay for Multi-Turret Machining

task target Time based replay allows checking program sequence and synchronization as well as potential collisions between tools.

This task shows how to review the synchronization between two machining operations using a time based replay.

Time based replay is for multi-turret machines.

It simulates all the activities as a function of time:

  • from the absolute start time of the Part Operation
  • from the start time of a selected operation: all simultaneous and subsequent operations are replayed.
scenario 1. Select the Part Operation in the PPR tree then click Time Based Replay in the Synchronization Management toolbar.

The Process Simulation command box and the Simulation Control Tools toolbar appear.


For detailed description of the capabilities provided, please refer to: 

2. Set the simulation step to 3, for example.
3. Click Run to start the time based replay.

The drilling operation will start as soon as the roughing operation begins to retract after machining.

  If referenced tooling is shared by at least one simultaneous operation of another turret, you must duplicate this tooling in order to view all simultaneous tooling positions.

One way to duplicate tooling is by using the Duplicate Resources contextual command in the Resource List of the PPR tree.

end of task