Viewing Information Boxes during Simulations

This procedure describes how to display the names of currently simulated activities while the Process Simulation command is active.
This procedure assumes that you have a process with activities loaded.


Select the process or an activity on the PPR tree.
If you select an activity instead of a process, only the activity will be simulated, not the whole process. See Simulating a Selected Activity.


Click Time Based Replay in the Synchronization Management toolbar.

The Process Simulation command box and Simulation Control Tools toolbar appear.


While the Process Simulation command is active, select Simulation Activities in the Simulation Control Tools toolbar:
The icon turns orange (because it is a toggle on/off command) and an information box appears that provides the name of the activity as it occurs during the simulation.
If no activity is simulated at a certain moment, the dialog will be empty. As soon as the simulation starts, the dialog will be updated with the name of the currently simulated activity.

If multiple activities are simulated in parallel, all the names will be displayed.


Click Simulation Activities to remove the view of the information box, or click on the X (close) button on the Simulated Activities information box.


To end the simulation:
  • Press the  X (close) button in the upper right hand corner of the Process Simulation command box OR
  • Select the orange Process Simulation icon (it will return to its original colors).
If you end the simulation without closing the Simulated Activities information box, it will close automatically.

By default, the Simulated Activities information box will be closed when you activate the Process Simulation command; you must use the Simulation Activities command to open it.