About Expert Checks 

The Knowledge Expert product allows you to create and manipulate relation-type features. These particular features are organized into a hierarchy. The rule base object is at the top of this hierarchy, the expert rules and expert checks are the terminal objects. In between you can find the rule sets  which gather rules and checks (see the graphic below). 

kwxWKChecks.gif (1236 bytes) Creating an Expert Check: Select the Expert Check icon to create an expert check, write its body, test its syntax and add it to your rule base.
Generating a Check Report: Select the Check Report icon to generate a report. Clicking this icon is of interest when you have solved a rule base with a certain number of checks applying to multiple features. The report gives you information on valid and invalid checks as well as extra information depending on the Rule Base Settings.


  • An Expert check is a relation which only checks that a condition is true for the objects of one or more given types. They do not modify the document they are applied to.

An expert check is made up of two parts:

  1. The definition of the feature types the check applies to:

  2. The check body:
    H.Activity == true

The check above tests  the activity of the features of Hole type belonging to your document. An expert check is valid (the condition specified is fulfilled for all the objects) or invalid (the condition is not fulfilled for all the objects).

The list of objects and attributes to be used in expert rules and checks is displayed in the object browser.

The icons in the specification tree turn to green( I_GreenLightP2.gif (239 bytes)) or red( I_RedLightP2.gif (234 bytes)) depending on whether the checks are valid or invalid. A check which is partially valid is red. When a check is invalid, you can find out what features are valid or invalid by generating and editing a report. If need be, you can also specify a correction method. 

Summary of Tasks

Here is the Knowledge Expert feature hierarchy. 

                                                   Rule Base
kwxPsn2.gif (22925 bytes) Rule Set
Expert Rule
kwxWKChecks.gif (1236 bytes) Expert Check

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