The Computations Results Tab

Note that this tab is available only if you checked the Save optimization data option before running the optimization.

The Constraints priorities Field

This field lists the constraints and the priorities they are assigned. Note that those priorities are different from the weights used by the algorithms to search for the solutions.

You can change these priorities to explore their influence on the already computed results when you look at them with the lexicographic sort. Changing those priorities has no influence on the generated results i.e. they present the existing ones under a new aspect by changing the order of the list.

Note that:
  • It is possible to edit constraints priorities in this field. To do so, click the desired cell, and enter the new weight.
  • If you modify a constraint priority, the Sorted results list is automatically updated.
  • Modifying a constraint priorityin this tab will only impact the Lexicographic sort and not the algorithm. This may be useful to check the impact of a different weight without running the algorithm.
  • If a priority is equal to 0, the default algorithm is used. 1 is the lowest priority that can be applied. There is no upper limit.
  • Priorities are integers and used in the post-processing of the results. Weights are real numbers (1.2 for example) used during computation.

The Settings of the results sort Field

Results to display scrolling list
  • All: All results will be displayed in the sorted list.
  • All constraints satisfied only: Only the results concerning the satisfied constraints will be displayed in the sorted list.
  • User-defined: Only the items you selected will be displayed in the sorted list.

The Sorted Results Field

This list displays the result of the optimization according to the filters applied and the sorting type (Historic sort or Lexicographic sort).  

Apply values to parameters enables you to select a row in the list and to apply the values indicated in this row to the parameters.

The Curves Field

Select parameters  enables you to select the parameters of the optimization file whose evolution will display in the curves. For more information, see Interpreting Results.

Show curves... enables you to display the curves showing the parameters during the optimization process.

For more information, see About the Computations results tab.