What's New?

New Functionality

Sorting and Filtering Error Messages
This improved dialog box informs the user about the possible causes for Interoperability failure by classifying them as Error, Warning or Information.
About Product Specification Integration in CATIA V5
A Product Specification is an entity, available on configured assemblies, which enables a designer to add an assembly under another one when working in ENOVIA V5 VPM.
This specific PLM entity makes a PRC reusable, instanciable inside another context and it can be managed in CATIA. Product Specification improves and diversifies assembly architectures.

Enhanced Functionalities

New Tracing Capability in Customer Environment
This capability is available for tracking purposes in a customer environment.
P&O Privilege Errors
In case a Save operation fails due to security privilege, an improved error message including the missing P&O privilege name is displayed.
Settings for Instances Synchronization at Save
The settings allow to select the synchronization policy for instances at Save, regarding positions and / or references.
A Warning Message when Server is Lost
A Warning appears when the transaction is aborted due to server crash or failure.
Refreshing Documents in Session
You can use the new Analysis window to sort and refresh documents in Session.