General Environment Toolbar

The General Environment Toolbar contains the following buttons:

Analyze Item: See Generating Detail Information
Query Auto-Parts: See See Query or Convert Auto-parts
Change Current Axis: See Changing the Current Axis
 Change Current Axis and Snap Compass:  See Changing the Current Axis
 Current Axis History:  See Generating Detail Information
Show/Hide Connector Display on a Part: See Show/Hide Connectors
Convert to Design Mode
 Offset Plane: See Using Offset Planes
Advanced Offset Plane: See Using Offset Planes
  Toggle Manipulation Handle Mode: See Manipulation Handle Mode
Toggle Dimming Mode
 Snap to Steps Off Current Axis: See Using the Step Input Box and Construction Elements
Snap to Steps Off Last Position
 Snap to XY Construction Planes
 Snap to All Construction Planes
 Snap to Elevation Planes
 Snap to Drafting Elements
 Place New Part Under Active Parent:  See Placing a Part in a Sub-document
 Activate Product's Parent:  See Activate the Product/Product Parent
 Clash Detection (Off): See Detecting Clash in Parts Placement
 Clash Detection (On): See above
Clash Detection (Stop): See above