Creating a Geometrical Bundle

This task shows how to create a geometrical bundle.
A geometrical bundle is the representation of an assembly of wires grouped together with a common covering and connected to electrical connectors.
aprereq.gif (1223 bytes)
  • You are advised to create a geometrical bundle representing the harness first before any other action like instantiating harness connectors, creating a multi-branchable document, adding bundle segments or connecting devices, as the geometrical bundle will become flexible when needed.

  • By default, you must create a geometrical bundle before creating bundle segments. To change this setting (in the Tools > Options  menu), refer to Electrical Harness Installation Options.

  • Thanks to the selective loading capabilities, you can work with the cache activated.
    Refer to Selective Loading in Electrical Products.

aprereq.gif (1223 bytes) Open the ElectricalBasic.CATProduct document.
It contains devices to be connected together in a geometrical bundle.
  1. Click Geometrical Bundle .
    You are prompted to select the product you want to become the geometrical bundle.

  2. Select the product of interest: Product1
    The geometrical bundle is created, with electrical properties.
    In the specification tree, the name and icons have been modified.

    Only the following can be selected to become a geometrical bundle:
    • A product which does not already have electrical properties and behavior
    • A product which does not result from the New Part command
    • A product which does not result from the New Component command (inline product).
  You are now ready to start your design. You can create and organize your harness assembly in two different ways. By: