Managing Local Slack  

This task explains how to modify the slack at a specific location.

This command is available for both branches and single bundle segments.
This command is unavailable when routing single bundle segments on part surfaces (keeping the associativity with the underlying part).

Open the LocalSlack.CATProduct document.
  1. Click Local Slack .

  2. Click the bundle segment where you want to modify the slack:

    Two construction points are highlighted: they delimit the portion of the bundle segment selected.
    The Local Slack Management dialog box opens:
    Two options are available:
    • Ignore slack: the slack is not taken into account between the highlighted points.
      This option is not available if you computed bundle segments using the FLEX algorithm.
    • Add slack: an extra length is added to the bundle segment portion.
  3. Select Ignore slack and click OK.

    The bundle segment looks like this:
  4. Click Local Slack again.

  5. Select the other segment portion (on the right).

  6. Select Add slack, enter 10mm in the Slack definition field and click OK.

    The bundle segment is updated.
  7. Moreover, if you edit the bundle segment route (by double-clicking the bundle segment, then Route Definition), you can see that:

    • The construction points display labels
    • The construction point selected in the Bundle Segment Route Definition dialog box highlights (here Point.3) in the geometry, and vice versa: the point selected in the geometry selects the routed object in the Bundle Segment Route Definition dialog box.
      Refer to Bundle Segment Route Definition.
    • The slack added to a bundle segment portion displays a label located in its middle
    • The slack ignored between two points displays a label located in its middle.
Slack is always added between the point selected and the following one according to the construction order.
To adjust slack on individual branches without impacting other branches in the same network, see Managing Slack at Junctions.
You can modify a slack at a specific location on a bundle segment even if it is covered with a protective covering.