Annotations and Cache System

The cgr documents used when you are working with the Cache System (in Visualization mode) and the cgr documents you can generate when saving as cgr type can include the 3D annotations representation (controlled trough a dedicated option).
If the cgr representation is selected for annotation creation, the point picked for creation is not a valid one as cgr does not have any geometric information associated with it. The point of annotation creation is directly calculated from the cgr representation, such that it is on the intersection between the representation of the part and the annotation plane.
  The 3D annotations that are included in cgr documents can be:
  • Displayed in 3D using the List Annotation Set Switch On/Switch Off command or the Annotation Set Switch On/Switch Off contextual command on an Annotation Set, see Disabling/Enabling Annotations,
  • Queried (cross highlight between geometry and annotations) by using the Select command (when the 3D-Annotation-Query Switch On/Switch Off option command is active ), see Querying 3D Annotations,
  • Filtered by user the Filter command , see Filtering Annotations,
  as any 3D annotation of CATProduct documents or CATProcess documents or CATPart documents. The graphic properties (color and line thickness) of 3D annotations displayed in visualization mode can be temporarily modified, meaning they will be lost when switching to design mode or closing the document. All the other modifications (edit, move, ...) require switching in design mode.
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