Collaborative Design  




What is a Workspace?

A workspace is a directory located on your server used to contain the briefcases shared by the people connected to the workspace.


What is the use of creating a workspace?

If you do not create a workspace, you will not be able to create briefcases and share design.


When I create a new workspace, this workspace is not activated by default. Why?

For technical reasons, you might need to create new workspaces for other users that you do not necessarily want to join.


Can I add people to my workspace?

Yes, you can add members to your workspace. To do so, proceed as follows:

  1. Click the Workspaces icon ().

  2. In the Workspaces window, click the Add button.

  3. Use the arrows to select the members that you want to add to the workspace.

  4. Click OK twice when done.


Can I limit the access to my workspace?

Yes. To do so, just specify the members that will be part of your workspace. Only these people will be able to list, and merge the briefcases you send. To know more, see Adding a Member to a Workspace.



What is a Briefcase?

A briefcase is a set of design data created to be shared by the members of the workspace. It can only be made up of geometry.


Can I merge a briefcase containing a deleted feature?

Yes, you can. But bear in mind that this feature must have been shared and merged at least once before its deletion.

You cannot add deleted objects to the briefcase by selecting them in the specification tree, since they are not available anymore. To add them to the briefcase, check the Display list of deleted features check box in the Briefcase window (see picture opposite).

Sharing a deleted feature means that if a feature with the same collaboration Id exists in the destination part, it will be deleted.

To know more, see Sharing Deleted Features.


Why is it possible to share a Part?

No, a Part cannot be inserted into a briefcase. The size of the Part is too large to be shared using CATIA Instant Collaborative Design. To share a Part, it is recommended to use the Documents sharing command () available in the Instant Collaboration toolbar, or to mail it.


Can I share Knowledgeware relations embedded into my design?

Parameters and formulas can be shared. If you share formulas, the geometry on which those formulas are based will also be embedded into the briefcase when creating it (Note that if the design exists in the destination Part, it will not be overwritten.) This geometry will be tagged as Automatic in the Briefcase window.
Other Knowledgeware features (Reactions, Macros with Arguments, Optimizations, ...) cannot be shared.



Can I share PowerCopies, UDFs, and Document Templates?



Can I insert a datum into my briefcase?

Yes you can, but note that:

  • You cannot select a datum in the geometry. Therefore, the associated geometry should be included into the briefcase when selecting a datum feature.
  • There is no way to share only geometry without its associated feature. When a datum is merged, its specification is updated and the geometry is replaced.
  • Collaboration "share" action never converts on the fly specifications into datum while streaming collaborative messages.
  • There is no support for "copy with link" or copy as result with link.

Can I access all existing briefcases from all workspaces?

No. A briefcase is linked to the workspace where it was created. Therefore, you can only list, and share the briefcases created in the workspace you are connected to.


What is the use of the "Merge again" command in the Briefcase window?

For your own convenience, you might need to apply a briefcase in 2 different Parts or you might want to apply the same briefcase after an Undo command.

Can I list the existing Briefcases in peer-to-peer mode?

No it is not possible to list briefcases in peer-to-peer mode. This mode does not enable the user to store briefcases, the data is not persistent. If you want to store the briefcases you create or receive, choose the Client/Server mode in the Network tab (Tools->Options->Infrastructure->Collaboration Infrastructure tab.)



Shall I create a connectivity group to share design?

No. All you need to share design is a workspace. To know more see, Creating a Workspace.

Can I share all types of models?

No. Only .CATPart documents can be shared.