Sharing Deleted Features

A feature must have been shared and merged before you can delete it and insert it into the briefcase.

You cannot add deleted objects to the briefcase by selecting them in the specification tree, since they are not available anymore. To add them to the briefcase, check the Display list of deleted features check box in the Briefcase window. To share a deleted feature, this feature must already have been shared and merged.

Sharing a deleted feature means that if a feature with the same collaboration Id exists in the destination part, it will be deleted.

There are 2 ways to share a deleted feature:

If user A first shares the aggregator (PartBody in this example) of F1 (Assemble.1) with User B (Picture 1/2)...
...then deletes F1 (Picture 3) and shares again its aggregator, the deletion will be implicit in the destination (Picture 4) part since all the aggregated objects are replaced by the user A list.
If user A shares first F1 then deletes it and wants to propagate this deletion to the destination part without replacing the aggregator of F1, he should be able to get a list of all the deleted features that have already been shared, and send the deletion notification to the receiver.

A user will be able to share the deletion of a feature that can be explicitly shared, that is to say:

  • A GSD feature
  • A datum feature
  • A sketch
  • A functional feature (functional specifications, functional body)
  • A Part Body
  • Knowledgeware relations

The sharing of a deleted feature occurs as follows:

  1. The designer selects the deleted feature that he wants to share. The deletion notification is added to the message: This notification contains the name, the type and the collaboration id of the feature and the deletion command option.

  2. The receiver opens: The feature to delete displays in the message details dialog.

  3. He can accept or reject the deletion. The deleted feature appears in the console dialog with the other features to create or replace. The action flag will be set to "delete".