IDF 3.0

This file sums-up what information is managed in the export file when using IDF 3.0.
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  1. Manufacturing panel information: the panel file is an optional file.
    The panel file contains the physical description of the manufacturing panel and the location of the boards and components on that panel. It can be created interactively then exported.

  2. Annotations: a new section is added to the file.
    It contains notes for the design that can be displayed to allow the electrical and mechanical designers to communicate additional information about the design entities. They are not intended for manufacturing purpose. At the moment, they can only be modified in CATIA then exported.

  3. Offset: the offset field represents the mounting offset for a component onto the board.
    It is also available for board mounting offset onto the panel.
    Placing a component creates a constraint. Editing the constraint allows you to modify the offset. It will be taken into account in the export file.

  4. Properties: an optional record specifies properties for the component such as capacitance, resistance, tolerance, power_max, etc. as well as user-defined attributes.
    You can set the values in the Properties dialog box. Your changes will be taken into account in the export file.