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Technical Reference: Communications, Volume 2

setnetent Subroutine


Opens the /etc/networks file and sets the file marker.


Standard C Library (libc.a)


#include <netdb.h>
void setnetent (StayOpen)
int StayOpen;


The setnetent subroutine is threadsafe in AIX 4.3 and later. However, the return value points to static data that is overwritten by subsequent calls. This data must be copied to be saved for use by subsequent calls.

The setnetent subroutine opens the /etc/networks file and sets the file marker at the beginning of the file.

All applications containing the setnetent subroutine must be compiled with _BSD set to a specific value. Acceptable values are 43 and 44. In addition, all socket applications must include the BSD libbsd.a library.


StayOpen Contains a value used to indicate when to close the /etc/networks file.

Specifying a value of 0 closes the /etc/networks file after each call to the getnetent subroutine.

Specifying a nonzero value leaves the /etc/networks file open after each call.

Return Values

If an error occurs or the end of the file is reached, the setnetent subroutine returns a null pointer.


/etc/networks Contains official network names.

Related Information

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