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Commands Reference, Volume 5

uuname Command


Provides information about other systems accessible to the local system.


uuname [ -c-l ]


The uuname command is a Basic Networking Utilities (BNU) command that displays a list of all the computers networked to the local system. This list of accessible systems is displayed on the screen of the local terminal.

In order for a local system to communicate with a remote system by way of BNU, the remote system must:

BNU can be used to communicate between a workstation and a non-UNIX-based operating system, but such communications may require additional hardware or software. The remote systems accessible with BNU commands are identified when the BNU programs are installed and listed in a BNU Systems file (by default, the /etc/uucp/Systems file, or one or more files specified in the /etc/uucp/Sysfiles file).

Before copying a file to another system with the uuto or uucp command, issue the uuname command to determine the exact name of the remote system.


-c Displays only the names of systems contained in the cu Systems files (configured by the /etc/uucp/Sysfiles file). Omission of this flag displays the names of systems contained in the uucico Systems files (also configured by the /etc/uucp/Sysfiles file). If /etc/uucp/Sysfiles is not used to separate cu and uucico configuration into separate Systems files, the names of all systems listed in /etc/uucp/Systems are displayed regardless of the -c flag.
-l Displays the name of the local system.


  1. To identify the remote systems connected to the local system, enter:


    The system responds with a list similar to the following:

  2. To identify the name of the local system, enter:
    uuname  -l
    The system responds with something similar to the following:



/usr/bin/uuname Contains the uuname command.
/etc/uucp/Systems Lists accessible remote systems.
/etc/uucp/Sysfiles Specifies alternate files to be used as Systems files.
/var/spool/uucp Contains BNU administrative files.
/var/spool/uucppublic Contains BNU files awaiting transfer (public directory).

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