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Commands Reference, Volume 5

savebase Command


Saves information about base-customized devices in the Device Configuration database onto the boot device.


savebase [ -o Path ] [ -d File ] [ -v ]


The savebase command stores customized information for base devices for use during phase 1 of system boot. By default, the savebase command retrieves this information from the /etc/objrepos directory. However, you can override this action by using the -o flag to specify an ODM directory. By default, the savebase command writes the information it retrieves to the boot disk. Alternatively, you can use the -d flag to specify a destination file or a device, such as the /dev/hdisk0 device file.

The savebase command determines what device information to save using the PdDv.base field corresponding to each entry in the CuDv object class. Specifically, the PdDv.base field is a bit mask which represents the type of boot for which this device is a base device. The savebase command determines the current type of boot by accessing the boot_mask attribute in the CuAt object class. The value of this attribute is the bit mask to apply to the PdDv.base field to determine which devices are base.

Note: Base devices are those devices that get configured during phase 1 boot; they may vary depending on the type of boot (mask). For example, if the mask is NETWORK_BOOT, network devices are considered base; for DISK_BOOT, disk devices are considered base. The type-of-boot masks are defined in the /usr/include/sys/cfgdb.h file.


-d File Specifies the destination file or device to which the base information will be written.
-o Path Specifies a directory containing the Device Configuration database.
-v Causes verbose output to be written to standard input.


  1. To save the base customized information and see verbose output, enter:

    savebase -v
  2. To specify an ODM directory other than the /usr/lib/objrepos directory, enter:

    savebase -o /tmp/objrepos
  3. To save the base customized information to the /dev/hdisk0 device file instead of to the boot disk, enter:

    savebase -d /dev/hdisk0


/usr/include/sys/cfgdb.h Defines the type of boot mask for base devices.
/usr/lib/objrepos/PdDv Contains entries for all known device types supported by the system.
/etc/objrepos/CuDv Contains entries for all device instances defined in the system.
/etc/objrepos/CuAt Contains customized device-specific attribute information.
/etc/objrepos/CuDep Describes device instances that depend on other device instances.
/etc/objrepos/CuDvDr Stores information about critical resources that need concurrency management through the use of the Device Configuration Library routines.

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