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Commands Reference, Volume 3

llbd Daemon


Manages the information in the local location broker database.


llbd [-family FamilyName] [ -version]


The llbd daemon is part of the Network Computing System (NCS). It manages the local location broker (LLB) database, which stores information about NCS-based server programs running on the local host.

A host must run the llbd daemon to support the location broker forwarding function or to allow remote access (for example, by the lb_admin tool) to the LLB database. In general, any host that runs an NCS-based server program should run an llbd daemon, and llbd should be running before any such servers are started. Additionally, any network or internet supporting NCS activity should have at least one host running a global location broker daemon (glbd).

The llbd daemon is started in one of two ways:

TCP/IP must be configured and running on your system before you start the llbd daemon. (You should start the llbd daemon before starting the glbd or nrglbd daemon.)


-listen FamilyList Restricts the address families on which an LLB listens. Use it only if you are creating a special configuration where access to an LLB is restricted to a subset of hosts in the network or internet.

The FamilyList is a list of the address families on which the LLB will listen. Names in this list are separated by spaces. Possible family names include ip.

If llbd is started without the -listen option, the LLB will listen on all address families that are supported both by NCS and by the local host.

-version Displays the version of NCS that this llbd belongs to, but does not start the daemon.


/etc/rc.ncs Contains commands to start the NCS daemons.

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