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System User's Guide: Operating System and Devices

List of Korn Shell or POSIX Shell Built-in Commands

Special Built-in Commands

: (colon) Expands only arguments.
. (dot) Reads a specified file and then executes the commands.
break Exits from the enclosing for, while, until, or select loop, if one exists.
continue Resumes the next iteration of the enclosing for, while, until, or select loop.
eval Reads the arguments as input to the shell and executes the resulting command or commands.
exec Executes the command specified by the Argument parameter, instead of this shell, without creating a new process.
exit Exits the shell whose exit status is specified by the n parameter.
export Marks names for automatic export to the environment of subsequently executed commands.
newgrp Equivalent to the exec /usr/bin/newgrp [Group ...] command.
readonly Marks the specified names read-only.
return Causes a shell to return to the invoking script.
set Unless options or arguments are specified, writes the names and values of all shell variables in the collation sequence of the current locale.
shift Renames positional parameters.
times Prints the accumulated user and system times for both the shell and the processes run from the shell.
trap Runs a specified command when the shell receives a specified signal or signals.
typeset Sets attributes and values for shell parameters.
unset Unsets the values and attributes of the specified parameters.

Regular Built-in Commands

alias Prints a list of aliases to standard output.
bg Puts specified jobs in the background.
cd Changes the current directory to the specified directory or substitutes the current string with the specified string.
echo Writes character strings to standard output.
fc Selects a range of commands from the last HISTSIZE variable command typed at the terminal. Re-executes the specified command after old-to-new substitution is performed.
fg Brings the specified job to the foreground.
getopts Checks the Argument parameter for legal options.
jobs Lists information for the specified jobs.
kill Sends the TERM (terminate) signal to specified jobs or processes.
let Evaluates specified arithmetic expressions.
print Prints shell output.
pwd Equivalent to the print -r -$PWD command.
read Takes shell input.
ulimit Sets or displays user process resource limits as defined in the /etc/security/limits file.
umask Determines file permissions.
unalias Removes the parameters in the list of names from the alias list.
wait Waits for the specified job and terminates.
whence Indicates how each specified name would be interpreted if used as a command name.

For more information, see Korn Shell or POSIX Shell Built-In Commands.

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