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Network Information Services (NIS and NIS+) Guide


About This Book
Who Should Use This Book
Case-Sensitivity in AIX
ISO 9000
Related Publications
Introduction to Name Services
Name Services Overview
Domain Name System (DNS) Overview
Network Information Service (NIS) Overview
Network Information Service+ (NIS+) Overview
NIS and NIS+ Differences
NIS+ Security Overview
NIS-Compatibility Mode
Using NIS+ Commands
Network Information Service
NIS Overview
Components of NIS
NIS Domain
NIS Maps
Maintaining Consistent System Information with NIS
NIS Installation and Configuration
NIS Maintenance
NIS Automount
NIS Reference
Moving from NIS to NIS+
Changes Required to Move to NIS+
Suggested Transition Phases
Designing the NIS+ Namespace
Planning NIS+ Security Measures
Using NIS-Compatibility Mode
Prerequisites to Transition
Implementing the Transition
NIS+ Namespace and Structure
NIS+ Files and Directories
NIS+ Namespace Structure
NIS+ Clients and Principals
Naming Conventions
NIS_PATH Environment Variable
NIS+ Tables and Information
NIS+ Installation and Configuration
Setting Up NIS+
Using NIS+ Setup Scripts
Setting Up the Root Domain
Setting Up NIS+ Servers
Setting Up NIS+ Tables
Setting Up a Nonroot Domain
Setting Up NIS+ Clients
NIS+ Administration
Administering NIS+ Credentials
Administering NIS+ Keys
Administering NIS+ Access Rights
Administering Passwords
Administering NIS+ Groups
Administering NIS+ Directories
Administering NIS+ Tables
Removing NIS+
NIS and NIS+ Troubleshooting
Troubleshooting NIS-Related Problems
Troubleshooting NIS+ Namespace Administration Problems
Troubleshooting NIS+ Namespace Database Problems
Troubleshooting NIS Compatibility Problems
Troubleshooting Object Not Found Problems
Ownership and Permission Problems
Troubleshooting Security Problems
Troubleshooting Slow Performance and System Hang Problems
Troubleshooting System Resource Problems
Troubleshooting User Problems
Troubleshooting Other NIS+ Problems
Appendix A. Information in NIS+ Tables
Auto_Home Table
Auto_Master Table
Bootparams Table
Client_info Table
Cred Table
Ethers Table
Group Table
Hosts Table
Mail_aliases Table
Netgroup Table
Netmasks Table
Networks Table
Passwd Table
Protocols Table
RPC Table
Services Table
Timezone Table
Appendix B. Migrating from NIS and NIS+ to RFC 2307-compliant LDAP services
Server Setup
Migrating Data to LDAP
Client Setup
Appendix C. Notices

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