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DOMAIN Cache File Format for TCP/IP


Defines the root name server or servers for a DOMAIN name server host.


The cache file is one of the DOMAIN data files and contains the addresses of the servers that are authoritative name servers for the root domain of the network. The name of this file is defined in the named boot file. If the host serves more than one domain, the cache file should contain an entry for the authoritative name server for each domain.

All entries in this file must be in Standard Resource Record Format. Valid resource records in this file are:

Except for comments (starting with a ; [semicolon] and continuing to the end of the line), the resource records in the data files generally follow the format of the resource records that the named daemon returns in response to queries from resolver routines.


The following examples show the various ways to use the cache data file. This example is valid for any name server or either of the two networks.

Network abc consists of:

Network xyz consists of:

The following are sample entries in a DOMAIN cache file on any of the name servers in either of the domains:

;cache file for all nameservers in both domains
; root name servers.
abc                              IN      NS      gobi.abc.
xyz                              IN      NS      kalahari.xyz.
gobi.abc.       3600000  IN      A
kalahari.xyz    3600000  IN      A

Implementation Specifics

This file is part of TCP/IP in Network Support Facilities in Base Operating System (BOS) Runtime.


/etc/named.conf  Defines how the named daemon initializes the DOMAIN name server file.
/usr/samples/tcpip/named.conf Sample named.conf file, which also contains directions for its use.
/usr/samples/tcpip/named.data  Sample named.data file, which also contains directions for its use.

Related Information

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