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Commands Reference, Volume 1

conflict Command


Searches for alias and password conflicts.


conflict-mail User ] [  -search Directory ... ] [ File ... ]


The conflict command finds invalid mail drops and alias conflicts. The conflict command is not started by the user. The conflict command is called by the cron daemon and other programs used for system accounting. However, root user authority and the full path name of the command, /usr/lib/mh/conflict, are required to invoke the program.

The conflict command searches specified mail drop directories for mailbox files with names that do not correspond to valid users in the /etc/passwd file. In addition, the program searches alias files specified by the File parameter for duplicate names that do not resolve to the same address. By default, the conflict command searches the /etc/mh/MailAliases file.

The conflict command also searches entries in the group file (/etc/group) for invalid user names and users who do not have a valid group number.

Command output is to the monitor unless you specify the -mail flag. The -mail flag sends the command output to the specified user.


-help Lists the command syntax, available switches (toggles), and version information.

Note: For Message Handler (MH), the name of this flag must be fully spelled out.
-mail User Sends the results of the conflict command to the user specified by the User variable.
-search Directory Searches the directory indicated by the Directory variable for mailboxes that are not valid. You can specify any number of -search flags. The default mailbox directory is /var/spool/mail.


/etc/mh/MailAliases Contains the default mail alias file.
/etc/passwd Contains a list of users.
/etc/group Contains a list of groups.
/var/spool/$USER The mail drop for the user $USER.
/$HOME/.mh_profile Contains the MH user profile.
/etc/mh/mtstailor Contains MH command definitions.

Related Information

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The mh_alias file format.

Mail Overview in AIX 5L Version 5.1 System User's Guide: Communications and Networks.

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