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Commands Reference, Volume 6

whom Command


Manipulates Message Handler (MH) addresses.


whom-alias File ... ] [-nocheck-check ] [ {  -draftfolder +Folder -nodraftholder File }{  -draftmessage Message -draftFile } ]


The whom command does the following:

A message can reside in a draft folder or in a file. To specify where a message resides, use the -draft, -draftfolder, or -draftmessage flag.

If you do not specify the -draftfolder flag or if the Draft-Folder: entry in the $HOME/.mh_profile file is undefined, the whom command searches your MH directory for a draft file. Specifying a message after the -draftfolder +Folder flag is the same as specifying the -draftmessage flag.


-alias File Specifies a file to search for mail aliases. By default, the system searches the /etc/mh/MailAliases file.
-draft Uses the header information in the UserMhDirectory/draft file if it exists.
-draftfolder +Folder Uses the header information from the draft message in the specified folder. If you specify a draft folder that doesn't exist, the system creates one for you.
-draftmessage Message Uses the header information from the specified draft message.
-help Lists the command syntax, available switches (toggles), and version information.

Note: For MH, the name of this flag must be fully spelled out.
Message Specifies the message draft. Use the following to specify messages:

Number of the message.

cur or . (period)
Current message. This is the default.

First message in a folder.

Last message in a folder.

Message following the current message.

Message preceding the current message.
-nodraftfolder Undoes the last occurrence of the -draftfolder +Folder flag.

Note: Two other flags, -check and -nocheck, are also available. These flags have no effect on how the whom command performs verification. The -check and -nocheck flags are provided for compatibility only.

Profile Entries

The following entries are entered in the UserMhDirectory/.mh_profile file:

Draft-Folder: Sets your default folder for drafts.
postproc: Specifies the program used to post messages.


To list and verify the addresses of the proposed recipients of a message, enter the addressees and subject of the message at the respective prompt, as follows:

To: d77@nostromo
Subject: a test

When prompted again, enter the text of the message:

-------Enter initial text

After the whatnow prompt, enter the whom command:

whatnow>>> whom

The address of the proposed recipients of the message is then displayed:

d77@nostromo... deliverable


$HOME/.mh_profile Specifies the MH user profile.
/usr/bin/whom Contains the whom command.

Related Information

The ali command, post command, whatnow command.

The mh_alias file format, mh_profile file format.

Mail Overview in AIX 5L Version 5.1 System User's Guide: Communications and Networks.

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