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Commands Reference, Volume 1

chginet Method


Reconfigures the Internet instance.


chginet-d ] [  -a"Attribute=Value ...]


The chginet method reconfigures the Internet instance, and can also change the HostName variable and any static routes that are defined. The chginet method calls the hostname command to change the host name. The chginet method also calls the route command to change any static routes. The chdev command calls method.

Note: The chginet method is a programming tool and should not be entered from the command line.


-a"Attribute=Value ..." Specifies the customized attributes of the Internet instance. The following are valid attributes:

Specifies the name of the host.

Specifies the default gateway.

Specifies the route. The format of the Value variable of the Route attribute is: route=destination, gateway, [metric].

Specifies the route to delete. The format of the value is: route=destinationgateway[metric].
-d Specifies that changes are made only in the configuration database. Changes take effect with the next IPL.


To change an Internet instance and specify a route, enter a method in the following format:
chginet  -a"route=,bcroom"

This example specifies a new route. The new route is being set to network, the bcroom gateway.

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