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Commands Reference, Volume 1

chgif Method


Reconfigures an instance of a network interface.


chgif-d  | -T ] -l InterfaceInstance -a "Attribute=Value ..."


The chgif method first modifies the database and then reconfigures the specified network interface instance (InterfaceInstance) by issuing a call to the ifconfig command. Only one interface can be changed per command invocation, and at least one attribute must be specified. This method is not normally used on the command line. Rather, it is called by high-level commands.

Note: The chgif method is a programming tool and should not be executed from the command line.


-a"Attribute=Value ..." Specifies pairs of attributes and values that configure the Interface instance. The AttributeValue pairs must be surrounded by quotes.

Valid attribute values are as follows:

Specifies the Internet address of the network interface.

state (up/down)
Marks the interface as up or down.

trailers (on/off)
Turns the trailer link-level encapsulation on or off.

arp (on/off)
Enables or disables the use of the Address Resolution Protocol.

allcast (on/off)
Specifies whether to broadcast packets to all token-ring networks or just the local token-ring network. This attribute applies only to token-ring networks.

hwloop (on/off)
Enables or disables hardware loopback mode.


Specifies the network mask in dotted-decimal format.

security SecurityLevelKeyword
(inet only) Specifies the security level associated with the interface. The value of the SecurityLevelKeyword variable can be one of the following:

  • none
  • unclassified
  • confidential
  • secret
  • top_secret

When the level of security is defined as none or unclassified, no IP Option header is added to the IP header.


authority AuthorityLevelKeyword
(inet only) Specifies the security authority level associated with the interface. The value of the AuthorityLevelKeyword variable can be one or more of the following:

Defense Communications Agency

Department of Defense Organization of the Joint Chiefs of Staff


Defense Intelligence Agency

National Security Agency

When more than one level of authority is specified, the values are separated by commas without embedded spaces.


Maximum IP packet size for this system.

Specifies the address to use for representing broadcasts to networks.

Specifies the destination address on a point-to-point link.

-d Specifies that changes are made only in the configuration database. Changes take effect at the next system restart.
-l InterfaceInstance Specifies the instance of the network interface to be reconfigured.
-T Makes a temporary change in the device without the change being reflected in the database. It is temporary in that the device reverts to the characteristics described in the database when the system is restarted.

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