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General Programming Concepts: Writing and Debugging Programs

Chapter 25. System Management Interface Tool (SMIT)

The System Management Interface Tool (SMIT) is an interactive and extensible screen-oriented command interface. It prompts users for the information needed to construct command strings and presents appropriate predefined selections or run time defaults where available. This shields users from many sources of extra work or error, including the details of complex command syntax, valid parameter values, system command spelling, or custom shell path names.

You can also build and use alternate databases instead of modifying SMIT's default system database.

The following sections discuss SMIT in detail:

New tasks consisting of one or more commands or inline ksh shell scripts can be added to SMIT at any time by adding new instances of predefined screen objects to SMIT's database. These screen objects (described by stanza files) are used by the Object Data Manager (ODM) to update SMIT's database. This database controls SMIT's run-time behavior.

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smit command

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