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General Programming Concepts: Writing and Debugging Programs

List of Reserved Keysyms

The keysyms listed are reserved for use by the input methods:

XK_dead_acute 0x180000b4
XK_dead_grave 0x18000060
XK_dead_circumflex 0x1800005e
XK_dead_diaeresis 0x180000a8
XK_dead_tilde 0x1800007e
XK_dead_caron 0x180001b7
XK_dead_breve 0x180001a2
XK_dead_doubleacute 0x180001bd
XK_dead_degree 0x180000b0
XK_dead_abovedot 0x180001ff
XK_dead_macron 0x180000af
XK_dead_cedilla 0x180000b8
XK_dead_ogonek 0x180001b2
XK_dead_accentdieresis 0x180007ae
XK_BunsetsuYomi 0x1800ff05
XK_MaeKouho 0x1800ff04
XK_ZenKouho 0x1800ff01
XK_KanjiBangou 0x1800ff02
XK_HenkanMenu 0x1800ff03
XK_LeftDouble 0x1800ff06
XK_RightDouble 0x1800ff07
XK_LeftPhrase 0x1800ff08
XK_RightPhrase 0x1800ff09
XK_ErInput 0x1800ff0a
XK_Reset 0x1800ff0b

For more information about input methods see Input Method Overview.

For more NLS subroutines see List of National Language Support Subroutines.

Reserved Keysyms for Traditional Chinese

XK_Full_Size 0xff42
XK_Phonetic 0xff48
XK_Alph_Num 0xaff50
XK_Non_Convert 0xaff52
XK_Convert 0xaff51
XK_Tsang_Jye 0xff47
XK_Internal_Code 0xff4a

Reserved Keysyms for Simplified Chinese (ZIM and ZIM-UCS)

XK_Alph_Num 0xaff47
XK_Non_Convert 0xaff59
XK_Row_Column 0xaff48
XK_PinYin 0xaff49
XK_English_Chinese 0xaff50
XK_ABC 0xaff51
XK_Fivestroke 0xaff62
XK_User-defined 0xaff56
XK_Legend 0xaff55
XK_ABC_Set_Option 0xaff60
XK_Half_full 0xaff53

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