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Installation Guide

Troubleshooting a Migration Installation

The following sections offer solutions for problems that can occur during a migration instalation.

Boot Logical Volume Not Large Enough

If you receive errors indicating the boot logical volume is not large enough, see Acting on System and Error Messages.

Not Enough Disk Space for Migration

At the beginning of a migration installation, the system verifies that there will be enough space to attempt the migration. If there is not enough disk space, a message is printed explaining how much is needed. You must now reboot the machine from the media containing your current version of AIX, and make more space available in the rootvg volume group. After you do this, attempt the migration again.

You can use the following options for adding additional disk space for the migration installation:

After you have released enough space, reboot from your installation media, and try the migration installation again. You must have at least 8MB of free disk space to complete the migration installation.

If there is insufficient space to complete the migration installation during the BOS installation process, a message similar to the following is displayed at the end of the installation:

An error occurred while migrating packages.
Some packages have not been installed.
Please see /var/adm/ras/devinst.log for details or perform an overwrite or
   preservation install.

If space limitations prevent the migration of all software that is usually automatically migrated, the installation program attempts to install the software that is usually installed for a Preservation or Overwrite installation. If there is still not enough disk space available, the minimum set of software required to support the use of the system is installed.

If there is not enough space to migrate all of the usually migrated software, a collection of software called a Migration Bundle will be available when you install additional software later. If the minimum set of software is installed, or if the installation is not performed from a graphics console, a Graphics_Startup Bundle is created. Before installing either of these bundles, create additional disk space on the machine you want to install. Refer to Chapter 4, Optional Software Products and Service Updates for more information about installing software bundles and migrating or installing optional software products. Maintaining Optional Software Products and Service Updates describes how to remove software from the system to release disk space.

Renaming Devices

If you migrate a system from AIX 3.2 to AIX 4.3, you may have to rename some of the devices. The AIX Version 4 database must be built from scratch when the system is rebooted because the device configuration database in AIX Version 3 is not compatible with AIX Version 4 database. In this case, the devices are named as they are found, and there may be some cases where these names do not match the names in AIX Version 3.

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