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Installation Guide

Troubleshooting an Alternate Disk Installation

If you receive either of the following two error messages, see Acting on System and Error Messages,

Other Problems

Symptom: You are trying to install the bos.alt_disk_install.rte fileset on a AIX 4.1 system, and the installp command is giving an error that requisites are not being met, but it does not indicate what the requisites are.

This problem is a AIX 4.1 installp limitation in not reporting the requisites. The bos.alt_disk_install.rte requires the bos.sysmgt.sysbr (the mksysb fileset) to be installed at the same level as the running system. Therefore, if you are attempting to install on a AIX 4.1.5 system, then bos.sysmgt.sysbr should also be installed.

Symptom: You have run the alt_disk_install command or used the SMIT menus to either clone or install a mksysb image on an alternate disk. However, you now want to remove the definition so you can use the disk to run the alt_disk_install command again or use the disk for another purpose.

Action: Do not run exportvg. The exportvg examines the logical volumes on the disk (now called by their rootvg names: hd1, hd2, hd3, and so on) and tries to remove their corresponding entries from the /etc/filesystems file. This action removes the real file system stanzas from your running system and causes boot problems if you reboot with the missing stanzas.

Use the alt_disk_install -X command to remove the altinst_rootvg name from the database. This removes only the ODM information from the CuDv database, so the lspv command shows the disk(s) as no longer belonging to altinst_rootvg. It also resets your bootlist to the boot disk on which the hd5 boot logical volume resides. You can still boot from the altinst_rootvg, because the volume group, logical volume, and file system information remain on the disk. However, you must set your bootlist to the altinst_rootvg boot disk.

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