Guide to Printers and Printing
About This Book
Chapter 1. Printers, Print Jobs, and Queues Overview for Users
Chapter 2. Printers, Print Jobs, and Queues for System Administrators
Chapter 3. Spooler Overview
Chapter 4. Printer, Plotter, and Spooler Subsystem Programming
Printer Backend Overview for Programming
Virtual Printer Definitions and Attributes
Printer Colon File Escape Sequences
Printer Colon File Conventions
Example of Print Formatter
Understanding the Interaction between qdaemon and the Backend
Understanding Backend Routines in libqb
Printer Code Page Translation Tables
Printer Code Page Translation for Multibyte Code Sets
Printer Attachment Files
Printer Colon File limits Field Operators
Adding a Printer Using the Printer Colon File
Printer-Specific Information
Printer Support
Pass-Through Mode
Viewing, Formatting, or Modifying Virtual Printer Definitions
Modifying the mi, mp, and _d Attributes on a PostScript Queue
How piobe Uses Printer Colon Files
Calculating Page Length Using Printer Colon File Escape Sequences
Calculating Page Width Using Printer Colon File Escape Sequences
Spooler Job Header and Trailer Pages
Modifying the mo Virtual Printer Attribute
Editing /etc/qconfig
Chapter 5. Troubleshooting the Base Operating System Spooler
Chapter 6. System V Printer Configuration
Appendix A. Notices