Guide to Printers and Printing
About This Book
Chapter 1. Printers, Print Jobs, and Queues Overview for Users
Printer Terminology
Starting a Print Job (qprt Command)
Canceling a Print Job (qcan Command)
Prioritizing a Print Job (qpri Command)
Moving a Print Job to Another Print Queue (qmov Command)
Holding and Releasing a Print Job (qhld Command)
Checking Print Job Status (qchk Command)
Formatting Files for Printing (pr Command)
Printing ASCII Files on a PostScript Printer
Command Summary for Printers, Print Jobs, and Queues
Chapter 2. Printers, Print Jobs, and Queues for System Administrators
Chapter 3. Spooler Overview
Chapter 4. Printer, Plotter, and Spooler Subsystem Programming
Chapter 5. Troubleshooting the Base Operating System Spooler
Chapter 6. System V Printer Configuration
Appendix A. Notices