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System Management Concepts: Operating System and Devices

UUCP for BSD 4.3 System Managers

This operating system provides System V Basic Networking Utilities (BNU) which are often referred to as the HDB UUCP.

Dialers (4) Lists modems used for BNU remote communications links
Limits the number of instances of the BNU uuxqt daemons that can run
Specifies BNU command permissions for remote systems
Poll(4) Specifies when the BNU program should poll remote systems
Systems(4) Lists remote computers with which the local system can communicate
rmail (1) Handles remote mail received through BNU
uucheck (1) Checks for files and directories required by BNU
uuclean (1) Removes files from the BNU spool directory
uucleanup (1) Deletes selected files from the BNU spooling directory
uucpadm (1) Enters basic BNU configuration information
Provides periodic information on the status of BNU file transfers
Cleans up BNU spooling directories and log files
Initiates file transport calls to remote systems using the BNU program
Polls the systems listed in the BNU Poll file
uulog(1) Provides information about BNU file-transfer activities on a system
uupoll(1) Forces a poll of a remote BNU system
uuq(1) Displays the BNU job queue and deletes specified jobs from the queue
uusnap(1) Displays the status of BNU contacts with remote systems
uustat (1) Reports the status of and provides limited control over BNU operations.

This operating system also provides the 4.3 BSD uuencode and uudecode commands. The HDB uugetty command is not supported.

For more information, see the lists of BNU files, file formats, and directories in AIX 5L Version 5.1 System User's Guide: Communications and Networks.

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