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Programmer's Reference
y0 Computes Bessel functions.
y1 Computes Bessel functions.
yield Yields the processor to processes with higher priorities.
yn Computes Bessel functions.
yp_all Transfers all of the key-value pairs from the Network Information Services (NIS) server to the client as the entire map.
yp_bind Used in programs to call the ypbind daemon directly for processes that use backup strategies when Network Information Services (NIS) is not available.
yp_first Returns the first key-value pair from the named Network Information Services (NIS) map in the named domain.
yp_get_default_domain Gets the default domain of the node.
yp_master Returns the machine name of the Network Information Services (NIS) master server for a map.
yp_match Searches for the value associated with a key.
yp_next Returns each subsequent value it finds in the named Network Information Services (NIS) map until it reaches the end of the list.
yp_order Returns the order number for an Network Information Services (NIS) map that identifies when the map was built.
yp_unbind Manages socket descriptors for processes that access multiple domains.
yp_update Makes changes to an Network Information Services (NIS) map.
yperr_string Returns a pointer to an error message string.
ypprot_err Takes an Network Information Services NIS protocol error code as input and returns an error code to be used as input to a yperr_string subroutine.