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Programmer's Reference
t_accept Accepts a connect request.
t_alloc Allocates a library structure.
t_bind Binds an address to a transport end point.
t_close Closes a transport end point.
t_connect Establishes a connection with another transport user.
t_error Produces an error message.
t_free Frees a library structure.
t_getinfo Gets protocol-specific service information.
t_getprotaddr Get the protocol addresses.
t_getstate Gets the current state.
t_listen Listens for a connect request.
t_look Looks at the current event on a transport end point.
t_open Establishes a transport end point.
t_optmgmt Manages options for a transport end point.
t_rcv Receives normal data or expedited data sent over a connection.
t_rcvconnect Receives the confirmation from a connect request.
t_rcvdis Retrieves information from disconnect.
t_rcvrel Acknowledges receipt of an orderly release indication.
t_rcvreldata Receive an orderly release indication or confirmation containing user data.
t_rcvudata Receives a data unit.
t_rcvuderr Receives a unit data error indication.
t_rcvv Receive data or expedited data sent over a connection and put the data into one or more non-contiguous buffers.
t_rcvvudata Receive a data unit into one or more noncontiguous buffers.
t_snd Sends data or expedited data over a connection.
t_snddis Sends a user-initiated disconnect request.
t_sndrel Initiates an orderly release of a transport connection.
t_sndreldata Initiate/respond to an orderly release with user data.
t_sndudata Sends a data unit to another transport user.
t_sndv Send data or expedited data, from one or more non-contiguous buffers, on a connection.
t_sndvudata Send a data unit from one or more noncontiguous buffers.
t_strerror Produce an error message string.
t_sync Synchronizes transport library.
t_sysconf Get configurable XTI variables.
t_unbind Disables a transport endpoint.
tan Computes the trigonometric functions.
tanh Computes hyperbolic functions.
tanhl Computes hyperbolic functions.
tanl Computes the trigonometric functions.
tcb Alters the Trusted Computing Base (TCB) status of a file.
tcdrain Waits for output to complete.
tcflow Performs flow control functions.
tcflush Discards data from the specified queue.
tcgetattr Gets terminal state.
tcgetpgrp Gets foreground process group ID.
tcsendbreak Sends a break on an asynchronous serial data line.
tcsetattr Sets terminal state.
tcsetpgrp Sets foreground process group ID.
tdelete Manages binary search trees.
telldir Performs operations on directories.
tempnam Constructs the name for a temporary file.
termdef Queries terminal characteristics.
testb Checks for an available buffer.
text2inst Retrieves instances of variables from various forms of data.
text2obj Converts a text string into some other value.
text2oid Converts a text string into some other value.
tfind Manages binary search trees.
tgetent Termcap database emulation
tgetflag Termcap database emulation
tgetnum Termcap database emulation
tgetstr Termcap database emulation
tgoto Termcap database emulation
thread_post Posts a thread of an event completion.
thread_post_many Posts one or more threads of an event completion.
thread_self Returns the caller's kernel thread ID.
thread_setsched Changes the scheduling policy and priority of a kernel thread.
thread_wait Suspends the thread until it receives a post or times out.
tigetflag Retrieves capabilities from the terminfo database.

Curses Library (libcurses.a)

Curses Library (libcurses.a)
time Gets or sets the current value for the specified systemwide timer.
time_base_to_time Read the processor real time clock or time base registers to obtain high-resolution elapsed time.
timeout Controls blocking on input.
times Displays information about resource use.
timezone Returns the name of the timezone associated with the first arguement.
timod Converts a set of operations into .
tirdwr Supports the Transport Interface functions of the Network Services library.
tmpfile Creates a temporary file.
tmpnam Constructs the name for a temporary file.
tojhira Translates predefined Japanese character classes.
tojkata Translates predefined Japanese character classes.
tojlower Translates predefined Japanese character classes.
touchline Window refresh control functions.
touchoverlap Marks the overlap of two windows as changed and makes arrangements for their refresh.
touchwin Window refresh control functions.
toujis Translates predefined Japanese character classes.
towctrans Character transliteration.
towlower Converts an uppercase wide character to a lowercase wide character.
towupper Converts a lowercase wide character to an uppercase wide character.

Curses Library (libcurses.a)
tputs Outputs commands to the terminal.
trcgen Records a trace event for a generic trace channel.
trcgent Records a trace event for a generic trace channel.
trchook Records a trace event.
trcoff Halts the collection of trace data from within a process.
trcon Starts the collection of trace data.
trcstart Starts a trace session.
trcstop Stops a trace session.
trunc The floor subroutine, floorl subroutine, ceil subroutine, ceill subroutine, nearest subroutine, trunc subroutine, and rint subroutine round floating-point numbers to floating-point integer values. The itrunc subroutine and uitrunc subroutine round floating-point numbers to signed and unsigned integers, respectively. The fmod subroutine and fmodl subroutine compute the modulo remainder. The fabs subroutine and fabsl subroutine compute the floating-point absolute value.
truncate Changes the length of regular files.
truncate64 Changes the length of regular files.
tsearch Manages binary search trees.
ttylock Controls tty locking functions.
ttylocked Controls tty locking functions.
ttyname Gets the name of a terminal or determines if the device is a terminal.
ttyslot Finds the slot in the utmp file for the current user.
ttyunlock Controls tty locking functions.
ttywait Controls tty locking functions.
twalk Manages binary search trees.
typeahead Controls checking for typeahead.
tzset Converts the formats of date and time representations.