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Programmer's Reference
b_mutexattr Reports the pthread library objects
backq Returns a pointer to the queue behind a given queue.
basename Return the last element of a path name.
baudrate Gets the terminal baud rate.
bcanput Tests for flow control in the given priority band.
bcmp Performs bit and byte string operations.
bcopy Performs bit and byte string operations.
beep Sounds the audible alarm on the terminal.
bessel Computes Bessel functions.
bind Binds a name to a socket.
bindprocessor Binds kernel threads to a processor.
box Draws borders from single-byte characters and renditions.
brk Changes data segment space allocation.
bsearch Performs a binary search.
btowc Single-byte to wide-character conversion.
bufcall Recovers from a failure of the allocb utility.
bzero Performs bit and byte string operations.