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ha_star Processes high availability event.
halt Stops the processor.
hangman Starts the hangman word-guessing game.
hash Remembers or reports command path names.
head Displays the first few lines or bytes of a file or files.
help Provides information for new users.
host Resolves a host name into an Internet address or an Internet address into a host name.
hostent Directly manipulates address-mapping entries in the system configuration database.
hostid Sets or displays the identifier of the current local host.
hostname Sets or displays the name of the current host system.
hosts2ldif Creates an LDAP Data Interchange Format (LDIF) file from a hosts file.
hp Handles special functions for the HP2640- and HP2621-series terminals.
hplj Postprocesses the troff command output for the HP LaserJet Series printers.
hps_dump Dumps contents of Network Terminal Accelerator (NTX) adapter memory to a host file. This command only applies to AIX 4.2.1 or later.
htable Converts host files to the format used by network library routines.
hty_load Displays or downloads Network Terminal Accelerator (NTX) adapter configurations.
hyphen Finds hyphenated words.