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gated Provides gateway routing functions for the RIP, RIPng, EGP, BGP, BGP4+, HELLO, IS-IS, ICMP, ICMPv6, and SNMP protocols.
gdc Provides an operational user interface for gated.
gen_infofile Generates an infofile for a PTF.
gen_toc_entry Generates a toc (table of contents) for a bff or tar PTF image.
gencat Creates and modifies a message catalog.
gencopy Provides the wrapper to bffcreate and udisetup.
genfilt Adds a filter rule.
geninstall Lists software in an identical format to installp -L.
genkex The genkex command extracts the list of kernel extensions currently loaded onto the system and displays the address, size, and path name for each kernel extension in the list.
genkld The genkld command extracts the list of shared objects currently loaded onto the system and displays the address, size, and path name for each object on the list.
genld The genld command collects the list of all processes currently running on the system, and optionally reports the list of loaded objects corresponding to each process.
gennames Gathers all the information necessary to run the tprof, filemon, netpmon or pprof commands in off-line mode.
gentun Creates a tunnel definition in the tunnel database.
genxlt Generates a code set conversion table for use by the lconv library.
get Creates a specified version of a SCCS file.
getconf Writes system configuration variable values to standard output.
getopt Parses command line flags and parameters.
getopts Processes command-line arguments and checks for valid options.
gettable Gets Network Information Center (NIC) format host tables from a host.
getty Sets the characteristics of ports.
getvrmf Generates the internalvrmfTable and ptfreqsList file.
glbd Manages the global location broker database.
gprof Displays call graph profile data.
grap Typesets graphs to be processed by the pic command.
greek Converts English-language output from a Teletype Model 37 workstation to output for other workstations.
grep Searches a file for a pattern.
groups Displays group membership.
grpck Verifies the correctness of a group definition.