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echo Writes character strings to standard output.
ed Edits text by line.
edit Provides a simple line editor for the new user.
edquota Edits user and group quotas.
efdisk Views, creates or deletes physical disk partitions. (Itanium-based platform only)
eformat Formats an Itanium-based platform system partition.
egrep Searches a file for a pattern.
emstat Shows emulation exception statistics.
enable Enables printer queue devices.
enq Enqueues a file.
enroll Sets up a password used to implement a secure communication channel.
enscript Converts text files to PostScript format for printing.
entstat Shows ethernet device driver and device statistics.
env Displays the current environment or sets the environment for the execution of a command.
eqn Formats mathematical text for the troff command.
errclear Deletes entries from the error log.
errdead Extracts error records from a system dump.
errdemon Starts error logging daemon (errdemon) and writes entries to the error log.
errinstall Installs messages in the error logging message sets.
errlogger Logs an operator message.
errmsg Adds a message to the error log message catalog.
errpt Generates a report of logged errors.
errstop Terminates the error logging daemon.
errupdate Updates the Error Record Template Repository.
ex Edits lines interactively, with a screen display.
execerror Writes error messages to standard error.
expand Writes to standard output with tabs changed to spaces.
expfilt Exports filter rules to an export file.
explain Provides an interactive thesaurus.
explore Starts the WebExplorer World Wide Web browser.
exportfs Exports and unexports directories to NFS clients.
exportvg Exports the definition of a volume group from a set of physical volumes.
expr Evaluates arguments as expressions.
exptun Exports a tunnel definition and, optionally, all the user defined filter rules associated with the tunnel. Creates a tunnel export file and an optional filter rule export file that can be used for the tunnel partner.
extendlv Increases the size of a logical volume by adding unallocated physical partitions from within the volume group.
extendvg Adds physical volumes to a volume group.