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ac Prints connect-time records.
accept Accepts/rejects print requests.
acctcms Produces command-usage summaries from accounting records.
acctcom Displays selected process accounting record summaries.
acctcon1 Performs connect-time accounting.
acctcon2 Performs connect-time accounting.
acctdisk Performs disk-usage accounting.
acctdusg Performs disk-usage accounting.
acctmerg Merges total accounting files into an intermediary file or a daily report.
accton Performs process-accounting procedures.
acctprc1 Performs process-accounting procedures.
acctprc2 Performs process-accounting procedures.
acctwtmp Manipulates connect-time accounting records by writing a utmp record to standard output.
acledit Edits the access control information of a file.
aclget Displays the access control information of a file.
aclput Sets the access control information of a file.
adb Provides a general purpose debug program.
addX11input Adds an X11 input extension record into the ODM (Object Data Manager) database.
addbib Creates or extends a bibliographic database.
adecopyright Generates a comprehensive copyright file for a bff (backup format file) image from a set of user provided copyright keywords.
adeinv Generates the apply list, inventory file, tcb file, xref file and size files necessary for a product install and creates the lpp.acf file for library updates.
adelppname Generates the lpp_name file required by the installp command.
adepackage Creates an install image in bff (backup format file) or tar format.
adeprodid Generates the productid file for an install or update package.
adfutil Provides the capability to merge Micro Channel information for PS/2 adapters with the AIX Version 3 Configuration Database.
admin Creates and controls Source Code Control System (SCCS) files.
aixterm Initializes an Enhanced X-Windows terminal emulator.
ali Lists mail aliases and their addresses.
alias Defines or displays aliases.
alog Creates and maintains fixed-size log files created from standard input.
alstat Shows alignment exception statistics.
alt_disk_install Installs an alternate disk with a mksysb install image or clones the currently running system to an alternate disk.
anno Annotates messages.
ap Parses and reformats addresses.
apply Applies a command to a set of parameters.
apropos Locates commands by keyword lookup.
ar Maintains the indexed libraries used by the linkage editor.
arithmetic Tests arithmetic skills.
arp Displays and modifies address resolution, including ATM (Asyncronous Transfer Mode) interfaces.
as Reads and assembles a source file.
asa Prints FORTRAN files to in line-printer conventions.
at Runs commands at a later time.
ate Starts the Asynchronous Terminal Emulation (ATE) program.
atmstat Shows Asynchronous Transfer Mode adapters statistics.
atq Displays the queue of jobs waiting to be run.
atrm Remove jobs spooled by the at command.
audit Controls system auditing.
auditbin Manages bins of audit information.
auditcat Writes bins of audit records.
auditconv Converts pre-AIX Version 4 format audit bins to AIX Version 4 format.
auditmerge Combines multiple audit trails into a single trail.
auditpr Formats bin or stream audit records to a display device or printer.
auditselect Selects audit records for analysis according to defined criteria.
auditstream Creates a channel for reading audit records.
autoconf6 Automatically configures IPv6 network interfaces at boot time.
automount Mounts automatic mount points.
automountd AutoFS mount and unmount daemon.
autopush Configures lists of automatically pushed STREAMS modules.
awk Finds lines in files that match patterns and then performs specified actions on them.