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System User's Guide: Communications and Networks

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System User's Guide: Communications and Networks
About This Book
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Chapter 1. Introduction to Communication Concepts
Mail Applications
Networking Applications
Host Emulation Applications
Communications System Commands
Chapter 2. Mail Overview
Storing Mail
Receiving and Handling Mail
Creating and Sending Mail
Viewing Mail Help Information
Customizing the Mail Program
Mail Command and Subcommand Summary
Chapter 3. Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) Overview
TCP/IP Facilities, Terminology, and Application
Communicating with Other Systems and Users
Transferring Files
Printing Files
Finding Information about Hosts and Users
Customizing TCP/IP Features
Understanding the Secure Rcmds
Summary of TCP/IP Commands for End Users
Chapter 4. Basic Networking Utilities (BNU) Overview
Using BNU Path Names
Communicating Between Local and Remote Systems
How to Continue Dialing a Number Until a Connection Is Made
How to Continue Dialing Multiple Numbers Until a Connection Is Made
Exchanging Files Between Local and Remote Systems
How to Use the uuto and uupick Commands to Exchange Files
Exchanging Commands Between Local and Remote Systems
How to Transfer a File to a Remote System for Printing
Identifying Compatible Systems
Reporting the Status of Command and File Exchanges
How to Use the uustat Command to Cancel Remote Jobs
List of BNU Commands
List of BNU Files, File Formats, and Directories
Chapter 5. Asynchronous Terminal Emulation (ATE)
ATE Concepts
How to Set Up an ATE Dialing Directory
How to Edit the ATE Default File
List of ATE Commands
List of ATE File Formats
Appendix A. Notices