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Motif 2.1 User's Guide

Resizing Windows

You can change the size of a window by positioning the pointer on one of the following window frame resize handles:

  1. Top edge

  2. Bottom edge

  3. Left side

  4. Right side

  5. Lower right corner

  6. Lower left corner

  7. Upper right corner

  8. Upper left corner

    Each handle has a distinct cursor shape (see Figure 2-4).

    Figure 6. Resize Handles Have Distinctive Cursor Shapes.

    View figure.

    The direction and outcome of the resize operation depends on which handle you grab. Press Button 1 while the pointer is on one of these handles to grab the window. Move the mouse to expand or contract the window. A wire frame outline shows the changing dimensions. Also, a small feedback window displays the current dimensions of the frame. Release Button 1 to complete the resize operation. You can cancel the operation at any time by pressing Cancel.

    You can also resize a window from the keyboard. First, select Size on the Window Menu or press the accelerator Alt F8. To change the size of the window, press the arrow key that points in the direction of the dimension that you want to change. Then, you can increase or decrease the size of the window by pressing on the same or opposite arrow key. Press Return when the window is the size that you want.

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