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Motif 2.1 User's Guide

Moving Windows

To move a window, position the pointer in the window's title area, press and hold down Button 1 and drag the mouse. The pointer usually changes shape for the duration of the operation. As you move the mouse, by default a wire frame outline shows the current location of the window. You can set a resource so that the move operation displays the window itself rather than an outline (see Chapter 5). A feedback window is also displayed, which shows the current location of the window in pixels relative to the origin of the root window.

When the wire frame is where you want the window to be located, release the button. The window moves to that location. A move in progress can be canceled by pressing Cancel.

You can also move a window from the keyboard. First, select Move from the Window Menu or press the accelerator Alt F7. The arrow keys move the window in the direction of the arrow. Holding down Ctrl as you press the arrow keys moves the window in larger increments (see Table 2-4). You can also move the window by moving the mouse after the move operation has been initiated from the keyboard. Press Return to complete the move operation.

Table 5. Moving a Window from the Keyboard

Pressing this key... Does this...
<^> Moves up one pixel
<V> Moves down one pixel
<<> Moves left one pixel
<>> Moves right one pixel
<Ctrl> <arrow key> Moves several pixels
<Return> Completes the interactive placement

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