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AIX Version 4.3 Kernel and Subsystems Technical Reference, Volume 1

ns_del_demux Network Service


Deletes a demuxer for the specified type of network interface.


#include <sys/ndd.h>
int ns_del_demux (ndd_type)
       u_long ndd_type;


ndd_type Specifies the network interface type of the demuxer that is to be deleted.


If the demuxer is not currently in use, the ns_del_demux network service deletes the specified demuxer from the list of available network demuxers. A demuxer is in use if a network device driver (NDD) is open for the demuxer.


The following example illustrates the ns_del_demux network service:


Return Values

0 Indicates the operation was successful.
ENOENT Indicates the demuxer of the specified type does not exist.

Related Information

The ns_add_demux network service.

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