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AIX Version 4.3 Kernel and Subsystems Technical Reference, Volume 1

ns_attach Network Service


Attaches a network device to the network subsystem.


#include <sys/ndd.h>
int ns_attach (nddp)
       struct ndd *nddp;


nddp Specifies a pointer to an ndd structure describing the device to be attached.


The ns_attach network service places the device into the available network service (NS) device chain. The network device driver (NDD) should be prepared to be opened after the ns_attach network service is called.

Note: The ndd structure is allocated and initialized by the device. It should be pinned.


The following example illustrates the ns_attach network service:

struct ndd ndd;
ndd.ndd_name = "en0";
ndd.ndd_addrlen = 6;
ndd.ndd_hdrlen = 14;
ndd.ndd_mtu = ETHERMTU;
ndd.ndd_mintu = 60;
ndd.ndd_type = NDD_ETHER;
ndd.ndd_flags = 
ndd.ndd_open = entopen;
ndd.ndd_output = entwrite;
ndd.ndd_ctl = entctl;
ndd.ndd_close = entclose;   

Return Values

0 Indicates the operation was successful.
EEXIST Indicates the device is already in the available NS device chain.

Related Information

The ns_detach network service.

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