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AIX Version 4.3 Kernel and Subsystems Technical Reference, Volume 1

List of Virtual File System Operations

The following entry points are specified by the virtual file system interface for performing operations on vfs structures:

vfs_cntl Issues control operations for a file system.
vfs_init Initializes a virtual file system.
vfs_mount Mounts a virtual file system.
vfs_root Finds the root v-node of a virtual file system.
vfs_statfs Obtains virtual file system statistics.
vfs_sync Forces file system updates to permanent storage.
vfs_umount Unmounts a virtual file system.
vfs_vget Gets the v-node corresponding to a file identifier.

The following entry points are specified by the Virtual File System interface for performing operations on v-node structures:

vn_access Tests a user's permission to access a file.
vn_close Releases the resources associated with a v-node.
vn_create Creates and opens a new file.
vn_fclear Releases portions of a file (by zeroing bytes).
vn_fid Builds a file identifier for a v-node.
vn_fsync Flushes in-memory information and data to permanent storage.
vn_ftrunc Decreases the size of a file.
vn_getacl Gets information about access control, by retrieving the access control list.
vn_getattr Gets the attributes of a file.
vn_hold Assures that a v-node is not destroyed, by incrementing the v-node's use count.
vn_ioctl Performs miscellaneous operations on devices.
vn_link Creates a new directory entry for a file.
vn_lockctl Sets, removes, and queries file locks.
vn_lookup Finds an object by name in a directory.
vn_map Associates a file with a memory segment.
vn_mkdir Creates a directory.
vn_mknod Creates a file of arbitrary type.
vn_open Gets read and/or write access to a file.
vn_rdwr Reads or writes a file.
vn_readdir Reads directory entries in standard format.
vn_readlink Reads the contents of a symbolic link.
vn_rele Releases a reference to a virtual node (v-node).
vn_remove Unlinks a file or directory.
vn_rename Renames a file or directory.
vn_revoke Revokes access to an object.
vn_rmdir Removes a directory.
vn_select Polls a v-node for pending I/O.
vn_setacl Sets information about access control for a file.
vn_setattr Sets attributes of a file.
vn_strategy Reads or writes blocks of a file.
vn_symlink Creates a symbolic link.
vn_unmap Destroys a file or memory association.

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