Eleventh Edition (October 1996)


About This Book

Summary of Amendments

Part 1. Workstations

Chapter 1. General Information for Workstations

Chapter 2. Supported Workstations

Chapter 3. Workstation Description Tables

Part 2. Distributed graPHIGS API

Chapter 4. The graPHIGS API Nucleus

Chapter 5. graPHIGS API Host and Workstation Connectivity

Chapter 6. Enabling User Exits for Conferencing

Part 3. Defaults and Nicknames

Chapter 7. Controlling the Environment with Defaults and Nicknames

Part 4. Character Sets and Fonts

Chapter 8. Character Set Facilities of the graPHIGS API

Chapter 9. Character Sets and Fonts Provided by the API

Chapter 10. User-Definable Fonts

Part 5. Format and Content of Structure Element Records

Chapter 11. Structure Element Content as Returned by GPQED

Chapter 12. Structure Element Content as Returned by GPQE


Appendix A. State Lists

Appendix B. Event Data Formats

Appendix C. Plotting with graPHIGS
Plotting on the RS/6000
Plotting GDF Files
Plotting on AIX PS/2
Plotting on VM/MVS
Plotting CGM Files

Appendix D. Printing with graPHIGS

Appendix E. How the Mnemonics are Generated