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AIX Version 4.3 Commands Reference, Volume 4

pclient Command


Opens the connection to an Xstation for a specified period of time.


pclient -a "String" -d Name:Number -l File -m ModMap -p PathName -s Number


The pclient command holds the connection to an Xstation open for the amount of time specified by the -s flag allowing commands to be sent and received.


-a "String" Specifies the command that initializes the Xwindows environment. String consists of the aixterm command and selected flags, and must be enclosed in quotation marks. The string is executed using the ksh shell. Other commands, such as the xset command, may be included and are separated with ; (semicolon).
-d Name: 0 Specifies the name and number of the display.
-l File Specifies the name of the keyboard map file.
-m ModMap Specifies the full name of the keyboard xmodmap to be executed.
-p PathName Specifies the path to the keyboard map file.
-s Number Specifies the time in seconds that the connection is held open.


Access Control: Only the root user should have execute (x) access to this command.


The following stanza from the /etc/x_st_mgr/x_st_mgrd.cf file shows the normal use of the command for an Xstation named taylor :

taylor DISPLAY=taylor:0; export DISPLAY;\
       XSTATION=taylor; export XSTATION;\
       LANG=En_US; export LANG;\
       -p /usr/lpp/X11/defaults/xmodmap/En_US\
      -l keyboard \
       -m /usr/lpp/X11/bin/xmodmap \
       -s 5 \
     -a "/usr/lpp/X11/bin/aixterm\
          -fn Rom14 -geometry 80x25+0+0 \
          -W -e /usr/lpp/x_st_mgr/bin/login" 
The example includes flags inside the -a "String" that specify the font (-fn ), the location and dimensions of the window (-geometry ), the location of the mouse cursor (-W ), and the login command to be executed in the window (-e ).


/usr/lpp/x_st_mgr/bin/pclient Contains the pclient command.
/usr/lpp/X11/bin/aixterm Contains the aixterm command.

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